Go Big or Go Home right?


The past couple of weeks have been a blast. No not because Nike or some other super brand has called me to go to Brazil to shoot for them. (they haven’t..yet, haha) But because it has come to that time where I have really serious stuff to think about. OK Braun, good call, Thinking…wow, I’m dazzled. yeah yeah I know, let me specify most eagerly.

I am in an industry/field that photographers are like snowflakes…we each are unique, beautiful, valued….and in enormous abundance. So how do you stand out, who makes the cut, how does a young guy compete with the super guys that have all the attention and jobs and toys and blah blah blah. BTW, this is not a blog about answers…I don’t have them. This is a conversation of questions, most of which I am asking myself about every 30 seconds.

Here is a few.
-Do I need to invest in a studio?… in a falling economy with budgets being sliced faster than sushi that is only good for that night? ( I really want to)
-Do I hire reps?

-Do I build out a place that is bigger than just my photography needs, utilize space for other creative business outlets with partners? (I want to)
-How much space could I really get away with…and need?

-Could I make a eco-friendly “Green” studio? (I want to)
-Where is the difference of making a business work, and creating a legacy that will be bigger than myself? (I want to)
Anybody? Anybody? I’m all open. Most of these questions come to every serious professional photographer at some point or another. I know the answer to all/most/some/none of these… but timing is hard though…and when is probably a more accurate question?

More good stuff worth the check out:
One of my BIGGEST dreams is travel the world with a certain vision in mind. This freakin genius photographer dude beat me to it. Ok not a new concept but a worth while experience. If you haven’t heard of Joey Lawrence (NOT BLOSSOM), you need to check his stuff out. Younger than anybody I know at the level he runs (rules) at. Check his latest adventure in Africa.

Joey L in Ethiopia from Joey L on Vimeo.

I love Joe McNally’s work and involvement in the photography community. His attitude, approach, humor…he’s real, and does reallllly amazing work too. This is usually the first thing I show young (inexperienced) photographers. It keeps me inspired, I try and watch this every couple of months.

I’m a wussy when it comes to heights, but I’m working on it. When I saw this every testosterone gland fired in me YESSSSS….and then I pee’d my pants. haha. It looks awesome. I’m down if there is lessons to fly.

National Geographic’s Visions of Earth

Have fun

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