Governors, Gun Wielders, and Granada Rock Stars


SALUTATIONS! Random fun times lately…..A good friend John Harris asked me if I wanted to have some fun and go shoot some photos downtown of the Governor (of Texas) Rick Perry while he was in town for the Glen Beck Show. Totally not my style of shooting…but it’s good to get out and do something out of the ordinary….keeps you sharp. BUT can I just say something…I am oh so proud to know that we have a Governor that could have the option of a career after his time in office of being an actor….maybe a soap star! GEEZE! I throw out a challenge….anybody have a better looking governor I dare you to challenge this man’s rugged Tom Berenger level good looks! wow! hahahaa

TEXAS RANGERS….and not the baseball team…..Like WALKER!!!! (but the real deal) These guys are bad! FYI there are only 133 Texas Rangers in the entire state….pretty elite…Photo by John Harris

2nd Latest Adventure…..My very good friend Austin Lewter plays drums for Kevin Deal…..A great Texas Country musician. They let me come and hang out during their gig at the Granada. Austin and I used to play together so the music scene means a lot to me…brought back memories. Definitely check these guys out! Good people.

NOTE: Shooting this concert I kept my D300 at ISO 1000 and tried to keep it at a shutter speed of 1/60ths of a second.

QUOTE of the week! Don’t be afraid to see what you see. Ronald Reagan

Here are a few shots more shots lately….Don’t stop believin!

Til Next Time…

BRAUN…and Patton

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