Greats: Annie Leibovitz ….Always at work.


If you throw me much of your time reading my efforts on here, it’s no secret I love great photographers. But not only for the images they produce, but I think it is so important to observe successful people (from all walks of life) to see their approach…get in their head. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t think one person has it all together, but to see their passion and drive…well frankly it inspires me.

This is a new thing I want to do. A series of spontaneous blogs here and there, highlighting people who I truly adore their work. When people ask what I like to do with my spare time, this kindv thing is on the top 3. Maybe I’m boring, but I really love observing people in their element. Annie Leibovitz is one of those people for me that I could just spend all day (and I have many times) looking at their work. Watch her lighting, her creativity, her passion, her direction. This past Christmas I did not admit to wanting much, but her book: Annie Leibovitz at work, was on that short list. It is great. She is great. I was hugely disappointed to face the grim reality that I had read it all with no more left to soak up. I hope you enjoy these few videos. The last one is a series from BBC. I highly recommend checking out all 6 of them.

Have fun

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