Guns and Dark Alley's. Typical


Experiences. I had a great time shooting (photos) with my friend Chris Upton. Such a great guy and fun to roll with. An up and coming writer and film director, Chris knows what it feels like to be in the driver’s seat. Chris is one of the founders of Piroots.

So we’re in the middle of a pretty urban area of Dallas, trying to be discrete so we don’t get bothered too much. Always looking to make the most of a shoot, we bust out Chris’s “hardware”. haha, nothing says “Don’t pay any attention to us” like a guy pointing a couple of guns at another guys face with a big flashing umbrella goin off. Fortunately we weren’t noticed.

For all the alley shots we just had AB1600 through a white shoot through umbrella camera left. Thanks Chris for your rockin attitude. Your a bad Mofo!

Have Fun.

Dallas Based Commercial/Advertising Photography

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