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I’ve been getting to do a lot of fun shoots lately. Last weekend I went out to an old friend’s (and former college Boss’s) ranch. His son Andrew showed a great deal of interest in learning to shoot, which was cool because last time I saw him he was 4 and screaming with the new hulk fists i got him for his bday. I have to say this guy was a trooper. We set up some Alien bee’s on either side of his big red 4 wheeler and took turns shooting each other jumping off. I quickly learned I am not as young as I used to be after 10 jumps off that thing, he was still laughing and ready to go after his 50th!

STROBIST INFO. 2 AB1600’s through white umbrellas at left and right. simple but awesome.

I told him to jump off the 4 wheeler and do something crazy. What does he do? SUPER BELLY FLOP!!! I still fall down laughing everytime I see this shot.


I order my new business cards from a MOO.com. I was really concerned about the quality but they turned out so much better than I could have hoped for. People love them. The mini cards are pretty sweet too.

RED Trumps again with the ULTIMATE DSLR that shoots HD VIDEO. I’ll give you a quick run down on this bad boy. You want to shoot 24mp images at 100 frames per second? OK. And you want the system to be 100% modular so you never have to buy an entirely new “camera” again? Check. And, you probably want to use all your Nikon, or Canon, or PL mount lenses too? No problem. It looks like Batman’s camera. I want one….bad. look at the specs of RED‘s DSMC,

Stephen Alvarez has been shooting awesome cave pictures for a very long time and here’s a cool video about a book project he’s working on:

“The Goal of the Picture is to make you feel something about the experience the photographer was having at the time. Whether it’s fear or whether it’s awe, or fear AND awe, or just wonder.”

Earth From Below from Stephen Alvarez on Vimeo.

The CW has a show called In Harms Way where they do episodes on dangerous jobs and one happens to be war photographer. I was just going to check it out and see if it’s any good. This means a lot to me because I plan on going oversea’s to shoot for various causes in a few years.You can watch full episodes (here). The full show is def worth the watch. Here’s a trailer for the show:

Photojournalist David Burnett (Contact Press Images, New York) shows you the ups and downs of what it was REALLY like to try and photograph the Games of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. This guy is awesome! This is a good video on the life of a traveling editorial shooter on assignment. LOVE IT!

The Olympics You Didn’t See from David Burnett on Vimeo.


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