Trememdous things are happening. Yes the world just celebrated possibly the greatest Olympics ever and yesss the US kicked off the Ultimate Historical RED VS BLUE Show Down between the republican and democratic champions. Yes indeedy things are interesting these day. HEADS UP…My new website will be up and in full effect next month as well as some realllly cool projects. I will keep you posted cherished people I love!

Ok I have to admit it. On occasion I spend some time in front of the camera as well as behind it. It’s fun….nothing more or less. Spent some time with my good friends John Harris and Michael Hawkins for an advertising campaign. Well what happens when you leave a bunch of goofball photographers to their own devices…DEVIATION!! Consequences? Well we began a conceptual Presidential Campaign: “Kissin Hands and Shaking Babies….Finally For The Better” I will post more very soon.

Chase Jarvis, one of my personal hero’s, just released a video on his secret testing that Nikon offered him with the new D90. LUCKY GUY…..Man the HD Video on this thing is SWEET. I’m not gonna lie….To be part of a team like his is my dream. Chase’s Awesome Blog and Low Down on the camera.

How do you shoot a super Addidas ad for the little tiny country of China? There’s Big and then there’s CHINA Big. Here’s HOW! Beautiful and seriously genius!

BREAKDOWN…To get THIS….You must do THIS……Good luck btw….

Want a good test of leadership and people skills?…Watch this video!

Where do you put such a great image? Where else! On the side of a huge building! Duh

I have never been much of a wedding shooter myself honestly. Can’t say why really ….with shows like Bridezillas I can’t figure out why I’m not dieing to photograph 2 people’s most important day of their lives!!!! MADD respect to the talented people that have a passion for this. BUT what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I’m always down to try something new. I came across this video and loved it’s creativity (as well as how bold the couple/BRIDE was willing to go!)

Few Recent Shots

Keep the Faith you guys!!

Braun….and Patton

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