Iconic Athlete…shoot 1


Lately I’ve been focusing on building my portfolio, starting with a series of conceptual sports shoots. I mean c’mon, what else are we gonna do with this hesitant economy?

My vision for the shoot was not necessarily hardcore sports action, but more (as my mentor observed) of a fashion approach. I have always loved and been moved by those true iconic images that tell of the time…or more importantly, timeless. So thats what I wanted. That image that in 1000 years, if somebody asked what did a athlete look like in the year 2009…these images would be worthy of putting in that webster’s reference.

Lighting we used my Alien Bee ab1600’s with a vagabond II on each head. 2 for each side of the subject…behind. Then another one ab1600 through a mid size octabox above and behind the camera. The sky was awesome for a dramatic effect. This is more of a fashion style light set up, but I wanted a little “over the top” focus on the subjects.

My models are 2 very gifted athletes and now trainers. Jay had a very successful career as a linebacker for both college and professional (american) football leagues. His easy going, fun, and humble presence made him so easy to shoot. Just mention a word and he snaps to this strong legndary looking figure that can only be explained as ATHLETE. Veronika is the same but different. Track Star from Slovakia. Sensitive and open, but also very devoted to the project…simply she was awesome. “Go run up the bleachers again, raise the hurdle and do it 2 more times please “(more like 15 for this idiot). Her attitude was expressed with a smile and quick reposition. Ready to rock. Thank you guys!

My help for the day was mostly local friends and photographers. Everybody kept a great spirit and hopefully everybody learned a little somethin somethin. The guy below is one of my best pals, Ryan. We met early in our college careers and have been saving each other from utter destruction ever since. Ryan is also a very gifted athlete, more deadly now because of the (close to) 100 pds of muscle he has put on since our first encounter. The man just loves to laugh and make things happen….and eat and work out. You will see him again soon. Ryan was a huge encouragement to me on the set, often I’m going a mile a minute I forget to laugh. Often he would swagger over to me and ask “do you know what your doing” hehe, my response is “this is why we are doing this, we’ll find out soon enough!” While we were waiting for the rest to roll up, he mustered the courage to act as a stand in model. (note my directing skills)

Veronika and Jay for your amazing spirit and talent on set!
Ryan for not letting me bust a blood vessel for thinking too hard.
Gerry, Clutchman coming through with the power cords! You rock
Lindsey for your mad Behind the Scenes shots, and light stand holding skills
Joel for patience and wrangling the octabox light high in the wind on the bleachers
God, Great weather and blessings of amazing tools and even better friends.

Keep the faith….and keep shooting!

Braun…and Patton

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