In search of a studio, In search of credibility


For the past 3 months I have been dwelling seriously on the idea of investing in a studio. In quite the unaccommodating economy and the thousand other reasons to argue with myself. But as Momma used to say, Fear is not Faith. SOOO I decided to go through with such a professional gesture. Choices, decisions, options come rushing on like a Texas Football team storms the field. Here’s a few:
-How Big?
-How many sq ft do I need?
-What things should I have the option to shoot?
Cars – High Ceilings, respectable space, and of course a really big door
Food – a chunk of a kitchen and preparation space
Models – Shower, Makeup, and Hair space

So I look at great photographer’s studios. I’ve been in a few as well. They come in all shapes and sizes. But for clients to spend a chunk of money requires a chunk of trust. Meaning…Great photographs ain’t enough. 😉 Besides the shot potential a studio gives, a studio to a photographer means credibility. Even though you may shoot 99.999% on location, like I do, a studio says I’m legit. I’m not saying every successful HAS to have a studio, but it can’t hurt.

I’ll continue posting my search. Check out a few of these really sweet studios…as you can see, all shapes and sizes.

Jackanory Studio Visit: 1RN from andrew hetherington on Vimeo.

Keep Shooting!

Dallas Photography

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