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It’s Official! I’m now an IPhone App!! Or at least my Portfolio is.
(download it FREE from Itunes)

Why? (Some would say why not) Several Reason. Presence, communication, public relations, branding, and a lot of reasons but also it’s fun. Mainly I wanted another avenue for my clients to keep up with me and see my newest work. There are great ways to keep in your client’s mind, from postcards, email blasts to even sticky notes with your name on it. All are great. I believe in them all. Get out there and shine.

A great deal of my client’s are in the advertising world. They Travel. What do you want to do while your plane is delayed? Play on your IPhone. If they are talking to their client or a colleague in the elevator or lobby, they want to show you off for a BIG JOB…Done. I’m not saying that this is the only place I want people to check out my work, but options to view my work are what I always want to provide for people.
(download it FREE from Itunes)

Functionality. Besides showing my work, there are some really cool things that the designer and I worked on for some time. (More than happy to share him to anybody that wants to contact me)
People can see my Blog, Twitter, Bio with website and Email right there on the app. The portfolio will automatically check for new images. (My new site will be out very soon as well!!)

The images can be viewed horizontally and vertically just by turning your IPhone, just like it does in the photos section of your Iphone. Also the App’s photo can be scrolled through with the traditional finger flip through move, or you can use the arrows. ENJOY

(download it FREE from Itunes)

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let me know!


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