Julius Shulman


If somebody mentions Architecture Photography, there is but one name that is thought of as “The Master”, Julius Shulman. Once upon a time I wanted to (or thought I did) become an architecture. Though I loved building, engineering, and design….I learned quickly my hatred of Math would trump that idea. But that doesn’t keep me from walking around downtown on a rainy day shooting building. BACK TO SHULMAN BRAUN! Needless to say he is a huge inspiration to my work!

Visual Acoustics was a documentary – Movie made about Shulman, his career, and the deep impact he made on not only photography, but also Architecture. Imagine this, you shoot something so much and so well a University gives you an honorary Doctorate in it! That’s how legit Shulman was! Visual Acoustics is now available Netlix’s Watch Instantly. Well Worth it!

“There’s no limit to what you can do with photography, or any art” -Julius Shulman

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