Keep Moving Forward!


Recently I’ve been asked, How’s Business? How are things?
Is this out of general conversation manner or genuine interest? Sure.

Anybody that is watching the news, or (like I do) read headlines of papers as you walk by, they know that the economy is suffering. Budgets are being cut. Money isn’t flowing like wine anymore…right now. Is this the end? A lot of people are hanging up their hats as creative professionals. I get it. Things are hard.

OK what do we do? Maybe Nike isn’t blowing your phone up? Are you at the point where they should? maybe so, maybe no. But what this little “time out” lets us take a moment to be still, to look at us, our profession, our skills….with a little more clear mind. USE IT.

One of my favorite sayings is from Walt Disney (the man), KEEP MOVING FORWARD…._________________(fill in the blank with any excuse) KEEP MOVING FORWARD, but ____________________(another excuse) KEEP MOVING FORWARD, another _____, another ______. Are we getting it? KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

The only real currency in this world is time. Ask any Billionaire laying on his death bed, and I promise he will trade his fortune for more time. Luck favors the prepared. I truly believe that. I can’t tell you how many time I should learned that (the hard way).

Keep Moving Forward. Get Creative. Maybe clients aren’t paying big money all the time. But think about this. When the time comes, Are they gonna spend their money on the guy that has been sitting in his room all day waiting on them. OR will they go with the person constantly putting out new work, fresh ideas, creative concepts. Which professional do you think will stick in their mind? Build your brand, your name, your work. I believe in you!

Have fun. Keep the faith

(SNEAK PREVIEW to one of my new personal projects)

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