Recently I had the cool experience of attending a short film’s private premier. And what made this even more rad is that my buddy Chris Upton directed it with his new partnership with some friends. These have submitted this film to THE SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL! Talk about going for it. I’m seriously considering going to the viewing in Utah.

What do they call their new venture?? PIROOTS! Love it. Who doesn’t like Pirates (thanks to Mr. Depp’s fantastic cinema performances)…and they acknowledge their roots that got them here. I feel these guys have a huge future with this….one day I will be like “I swear Chris and I used to hang out! and people will be like, WHATEVER BRAUN” …I’m drifting.

Check out the intro to their short film, “Deal”.

Deal Intro from Chris Upton on Vimeo.

I have to give mad props to these guys to actually have the b…ravery to go after their dreams. Almost everybody hopes to start something new with a few good friends and make it big, or just make it work. I really believe these guys will do both.

Keep the Faith!

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