Robots and Monsters Help People too!


OK so you’re probably thinking this guy has lost his mind…again. Just chill and hear me out. I’m a bit off a pop art buff…especially when I see raw talent that brings me back to drawing in class when I was UBER bored…won’t name any names (Mr. Lawson!!). Any who so I saw these bad boys in one of my 70+ blogs I keep up and after learning they are here to help change the world for the better made me dig them any more. (BTW…I started to post just 2 and found that I couldn’t eliminate any of these 4. These are my favs…you bet your buttons I’m wanting 1…or 10!) More here Who doesn’t love Robots and Monsters. KEEP READING!

Joe Alterio is proud to announce the reopening of Robots and Monsters: A Charitable Menagerie. Launched in 2007 in order to help raise funds for a marathon to benefit the SF AIDS Foundation, Robots and Monsters is an effort that trades original commissioned art for donations to a good cause. Last time, we had outstanding success due in no small part to postings on blogs like Boing Boing, Drawn!, and Uncrate, which helped us raise over $10,000 in the space of 36 hours. Besides the amazing amount of money raised, almost 200 Robots and Monsters were drawn by Joe, with some help from Special Contributors Adam “Ape Lad” Koford, D. Emory Allen, Michael Gabriel, and Lawrence Yang.

However, Robots and Monsters is now re-launching, and we’re excited to announce our new beneficiary of heady, creature goodness: the Electronic Frontier Foundation. For almost 20 years, the EFF has been on the good side of 1st Amendment fights on the web, and considering that R and M couldn’t happen without this amazingly wonderful and scary tool that we all use now, we figure we owe them one.

Fifty dollars gets you a custom-drawn and painted robot or monster, defined by three words or phrases you provide, sent to your door. What’s more, your creature will get added to our ever growing menagerie, for everyone to enjoy.

In a few weeks, we’ll also have some great merch, like a cool teeshirts and a limited edition poster of 48 robots and monsters from the the first wave, so be sure to check back regularly.

OK, so lets keep it real…last post (a few days ago) I showed you guys James Nachtwey’s project on drug resistant strand of tuberculosis. And now I show these comics? Why?!? Because both are skilled artists that are using their creativity, time (time=money), skills to help better this world. So absolutely I’m going to show these guys to ya…besides the fact that I really want one. I don’t claim to understand everything art…but if I know it’s going toward helping extend people’s lives or improve this world, then I can definitely understand that.



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