Round 1….Ding!


So here it goes…Entered this arena, hope I don’t trip.

How are you guy’s? Have a good day?

So everybody is trying to say something. I am no different. But rather than let you stamp me as some soap box warrior, I’d rather you find me as that pal that calls you once a week saying “Dude did you hear…..???” haha. But I am not a Gossiper though. Hope you enjoy….

So whats Up…..Oh me….I’m a commercial Photographer. What does that mean ? That simply means I shoot for clients (mostly companies) that want my images to tell their story. Young in my career …yes……compared to some.

My list of Photography Heroes, Chase Jarvis, Joe McNally, Gary Land, Dave Hill, Jill Greenberg, Annie Leibovitz,……..the list is too long.

I …

  • Love enjoying this wild ride called life
  • rarely talk politics.
  • enjoy a Turkey and Fried Egg Sandwhiches
  • Over quote funny movie lines…….VERY NICEEE
  • Long to Travel

Here are some thing’s that I am listening to these days…

This is right down the street from my place….Finally one day the crew was taking a day off. So I went at it. Love to hear what you think!

Contest!!! Where are these shot??……the 2nd should be ridiculously easy


These are a few of the show’s I will be entering some of my Fine-Art Photography in soon. Love for you to come out. LET ME KNOW if you want to and I’ll look out for ya!

THE 500X

Recently I was privileged to shoot some family portraits for one of my Life Mentors, Dr. Ramesh Richard and his family……very close friends. Awesome People, I was happy how the Photo’s came out overall…..normally don’t shoot portraits.


He publishes a video message once a year to around the world. Pretty cool. How many DOUBLE DOCTORATES do you know? He happens to be the only one for me….Mere Luck and Blessings. Here is his “Self Entrapement”

Hope you guy’s are doing good. Talk to you soon!

Have fun. …..B. A. Blessing!
Braun…..and Patton

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  • Randall says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words and awesome photos of our babies. Your work is great, already mature and professional – kudos!

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