“Runaway” Film by Kanye West


Love him or hate him. There seems to be nothing in the middle for people. I’ve loved his music for sometime now. His visuals are bold and strong. If one thinks about it, he changed the way rappers would dress.

His new film to debut his single “Runaway” and new album, in my little mind, is completely brilliant. A creative instigator. How many musical artists direct their music video’s? Don’t be afraid to try new mediums!

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  • Tamara Young says:

    So, I’m totally digging your style.

    And….I was just thinking the same thing about Mr. West as I watched this for the first time this morning. I can’t hate the guy for expressing himself and owning his behavior. I think he’s pretty darned brilliant and brave to say what a lot of people are thinking and living in a way that’s colorful, stylish, lively, and provocative.

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