Storms and Opportunities


It’s been a long time yes I know. Things have been crazy. Few Shot I have done lately.

I call this one Suburbia Heaven. Yes I know I need to clean my grill. Not a bad view most days

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.– Churchill
I’m still waiting for mine. haha

So lately I have been in awe of nature. Not like the bark on the tree….which is cool, BUT I’m sure you can tell by my work I am addicted to clouds. I caught these photos and stood there remembering Matt Chandler saying “Who has stood before a raging sea and felt powerful”…..I can think of 1 guy, but we can talk about that later. These are not ocean shots, but same principle applies I believe.

Created by Chile’s erupting Chaitén volcano, which started spewing lava, ash, and lightning (!) on May 3rd, after behaving itself for 9,000 years. Who angered the beast?!

From the full story in National Geographic:

“The little-understood storms may be sparked when rock fragments, ash, and ice particles in the plume collide to produce static charges–just as ice particles collide to create charge in regular thunderstorms.” The pictures, by Carlos Gutierrez of UPI/Landov, are pretty incredible. Hopefully people are staying as safe as possible. I’d love to have the 3rd one as a giant poster!

The other night I had the opportunity to shoot a really cool furniture store with John Harris and Michael Hawkins.

Question: what happens when you leave 3 photographer’s in a furniture store all night to shoot whatever they want for hours without any real set hit list……like shooting almost anything hours upon hours, you can get bored…..and what happens when you get bored? You start deviating……….Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you deviation.

(I have never seen any of these guys really drink, personally I don’t….but it’s cool if you do, within reason)

Talk to you soon. Take care


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