The J. Walkers!!!


By complete randomness I got hooked up with these wicked talented gents. THE J. WALKERS! When their cool friend, and talented model Amy Lynn Brown told me that they had a cool location in mind, honestly I wasn’t expecting much. So we set out! Everybody grabbed some gear and off we went. (their 25 roadies happened to have a union mandatory vacation day)

Lesson learned! We showed up at this awesome abandoned penitentiary and I was practically watering at the mouth to check this place out. Check out the pano below.

Klint showing us his mad rodeo skills….and fun personality.

Before shot of the location we shot them jumping at me. We used a 3 light set up. 2 bare ab1600’s as rims (as you can see) and behind the camera was another ab1600 through a large octabox to light the front of the guys.

This shot will be used for their album cover! So cool! The guys were great. We must have done 25 or 30 jumps. If you really want to die laughing you should come hang and I’ll show you the different takes. So many priceless faces and expressions.

The place was filled with huge abandoned rooms like this

Seriously, we kept looking up at the roofs to make sure they weren’t coming down on our heads!

So we are shooting outside and the guys keep chunking rocks at the building next to us. Being the oldest of 3 boys I was in familiar territory. So what the hell, “Hey lets shoot ya’ll blasting that building with rocks” Like kids in a candy store, they went at it. Turned out some of favorite shots of the guys. Brought out their personalities. Boys will be boys….always.

HUGE Thanks for my runnin buddy Gerry. As always you make every shoot a success bro!

Keep Shooting. Check out the guys.

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