I’m still half asleep and delirious from staying up all night cleaning my pad and organizing my office since a friend was arriving from out of town wicked early last night……only to find out the plane would be oversold. BLAST! Well at least everything is clean now. Amazing the mental clarity you have when things are organized. ANYWHO, I’m trying to work but can’t seem to get my head in the game. So I will write.

There has been this huge debate in my mind that I have been researching everything under the sun to find where the line is between commercial photography and fine art. To say I have completely solved this riddle would be a little deceiving….but I’m getting close to describing it…HERE’s what I found.

My work is by far mostly commercial….but a huge amount of comm work (not just mine) has become art for people. Fine-Art does not transfer over that gray quite so easy…though it has happened. Question….How would you categorize these images? All of these are mine but the Last one….Mr Warhols.

OK so what do you think?? Trick question…both! All of these have been displayed and used as commercial work and Fine-Art…..SEE THE CONFUSION! Ok so your probably saying….BRAUN we are back where we started. I don’t claim to be an “artist” …Creative?…yes….but I am rarely on that level of THIS IS ME AND THIS THE MESSAGE I AM SENDING TO THE WORLD…..though I am working on this view.

So after a lifetime of awesome conversations with REAL artists, reps, gallery owners…it seems that real “in your face, Legendary status” artists all have something in common….They all communicate their message and vision. This vision is not the same their entire life…that would be boring right? But it (like us….or atleast we should) mature and grow as life goes on. But the vision and message makes the difference between an Artists and a technically skilled individual.

Know that you don’t have to be an artist, I’m still trying to weigh if I am one…..Just because you can sell your prints individually doesn’t make you an “Artist”

So a couple of questions….How are you changing the world?

-If you are DIRT in the next 3 years….What is your legacy? (I just realized the danger of asking that questions for fearing the consequence of everybody throwing me under the magnifying glass for my message)…..Lets just say I am starting at the bottom….probably most of you are ahead of me in this respect.

My Opinion…..don’t kill yourself from putting so much pressure on yourself to BE an artist if that’s what you want (or think you want) to do….it should come naturally right?…..isn’t that what art is? Showing the world YOU….it’s not your job to make sure everybody likes it….but don’t misunderstand me…there is a business side to it.

“Art is what you can get away with” Andy Warhol

What do you think?

BRAUN….and Patton

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