I want this to be not just about me, but about us. I’m in love with Photography…but also life…..Bring your thoughts and ideas. Dare I say bring your opinions.

Here is a small conceptual series I did for a new magazine that will launch locally here in Dallas this summer.

Been thinking about the quote, “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” – Einstein

What do you think about that? This helps me because I can see how to become a man of value much more clearer than just a broad sense of “success.” Success like failure must be defined by a standard. I say a man making a modest living with a family that loves and respects eachother is much more successful than a Billionaire dying alone and hated…..but thats just my standard.

Point to ponder…..What is your standard of “Success?”

OK….. So I have this thing/opinion that we learn from watching people…..hence mentors. You don’t always have to know them.


This is incredible. watch and learn what it really takes to stand out. Go Big or Go Home Right?

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