Yes we can


Like anything, if you do something you love (like photography) but also do it for a living….you run a dangerous game of only doing it on the job. Solution….make time to shoot for yourself. Not for the art director, angry bride, or Newspaper Nazi…..

So often I find myself wondering the streets for inspiration…sometimes alone, often with friends…..a weekend’s results of late night venting.

I have always loved political media and photojournalism. Barrack Obama has raised the bar in this arena….or maybe the bar has raised for him. I’d love to meet his speech writers…Makes you want to go change the world…after you vote….Thanks Jen

Where will we stand as a nation 50 years from now? Where will we stand as a Global Generation 10 years from now? I pray still wonderfully created different, yet united responsibly with what we have inherited as only ours to care for….recognizing we too will have to live with the facts of our choices during our time.

Sincerest hope for us and for you

BRAUN….and Patton

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