Choose To Find Joy In What Do


A long time ago my cousin Wade gave a message to a group of us camp counselors (that deeply changed my life) to CHOOSE JOY vs. looking for happiness. Do you know the difference? Happiness can be affected. It can rain. You can not get that promotion. OR MY FAVORITE…Your team can lose. Always amazes me the tone people let things take on their lives. BUT JOY! Joy is an attitude! A mindset. Did you know that? To choose joy means taking control of your mind and heart rather than let other things dictate your life’s experience. Yes bad things do happen. Let downs are inevitable. And yes that does suck! I’m not saying it doesn’t. But choosing joy lets you make the best of your time here, remember not another minute is promised or guaranteed.

These days we’re moving fast and filtering one hundred times the information a day people were twenty years ago. Us Amerrrricans are buyers. We like our stuff. More vacations, bigger faster sexier homes, cars, phones, and tv’s. And no matter who I meet and what they have they usually are pretty much always looking for that next thing to make them happy. I myself am twice as guilty of this as anybody. Nice things are nice. Absolutely. But no matter what we have or don’t, do for a job or still waiting to… Choose Joy.

Positivity is contagious. Disagree? Did the video not put a smile on your face? Choose Joy my friends.

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