Life Words for Graduates (& the rest of us)


Graduates out there…..CONGRATULATIONS. So many possibilities are ahead of you. Just like elementary school to middle school or high school to college, you go from the top of the food chain to the bottom. Welcome to the real world!…a.k.a. the jungle! Thought I would put together a few things I have held on to over the years, may they help you in your new chapter of your journey my friends!

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David Calhoun, CEO of The Nielsen Co., spoke of five critical components of career success:

  • 1. Keep learning throughout life Globalism means the world is changing so fast that no one can rest on what they already know.
  • 2. Never compromise your integrity A decade of corporate scandal has laid bare temptations that can shred a career.
  • 3. Listen to internal signals that you are becoming bored Boredom leads to stagnation or a know-it-all attitude that will destroy you. “Stay paranoid about the currency of your knowledge,” Calhoun advised.
  • 4. Be willing to take on the tough jobs Only by continually challenging yourself can you stay motivated. “Difficult situations bring real purpose and resolve to our decision making,” Calhoun said. “Don’t avoid them; ask for them.”
  • 5. Build a global perspective The world is shrinking at a fast pace. Employees who understand foreign cultures will have the most opportunity.

These aren’t new themes. But they merit attention now. Calhoun especially emphasized the first two points. He said:

“Learning is the single greatest source of competitive differentiation in the business world and the single most important ingredient to a successful career and fulfilling life. … Making that commitment to lifelong learning … requires enormous personal resolve, a big dose of self-awareness, and a comprehensive view of self. … Whether it be intellectual pursuits, spiritual, technical, athletic or moral, resolve to grow.”

Many of you may have seen this but in my humble opinion it is priceless.


All of my Love and best wishes for all of you, graduating or not, at any stage of life.



  • Ila Moses-King says:

    Such true incredible words of wisdom! I hope young people will listen and just beieve all that was said here as the truth…good luck and God bless all! Stay Hungry Stay Foolish…very good advice

  • Jeremy says:

    Well put my friend!

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