Culture, beauty, art, history, women, style. Italy overwhelmed my senses and mind to the point where I felt like if I didn’t devote a life time to her ways I’d be doing her a disservice. Italy is not a place, a country, but a lifestyle. A mindset.  And those that go just to “see” it will MISS her.


Shooting her was a dance, a romance…more like a seduction. The more you spent with her the more you fell in love with her. Each city I visited held it’s own reputation. Rome with it’s history that shaped the world, a society so civilized but at the same time so brutal. Forget the hunger games. The coliseum was the real blood sport. The Vatican and Saint Peters is beyond words. Beyond imagination. The crown jewel of the catholic empire. Ornate, intricate, and grand are words for mere mortals but the word “magnificence” cannot be fully fathomed without seeing it. The secrets that she truly holds fascinates. I could go on an on.
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A lifelong student of design, I suddenly saw the period table for all things visual. Sculpture, fashion, art, architecture. It started here. Respect. Italy. You are sexy as hell and look forward our dance. ciao Bella


Which are your favorite

2013. What Brought Us Together


I always love videos like this because it not only reminds us what happened in our time on earth, but that we as a people of different nations but sharing one planet are closer and united than we realize. What were your favorite moments of 2013. What were your hardest? What do you hope for 2014 to bring?

2012: What Brought Us All Together.


Watching this video really made me realize what a long year it has been! 2012 was full of ups and downs for me personally. 2012 brought worldly events so horrible, like the school shootings, they left us on the ground crying uncontrollably; or others that were so amazing, like the Red Bull Space Jump, they dared us to dream a little larger. With these last few days left of 2012 I leave it optimistic and grateful; ready and welcoming 2013. (We did survive a few Apocalypses after all!) No doubt we will cry this year, but we will also laugh….for after all this is life!

What was your favorite moment of 2012? (in this film or personal)  May you have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year.

here is a Google Doc with the complete list and links to the original clips:

A brilliant short talk on the science of happiness.  What I loved is not only did he outline why we are happy, but also how to increase our happiness using easy techniques.  If we had a consistent positive mindset how much more efficient would we be? How much more creative could you be?

“90% of your long term happiness is predicted not by the external world but by the way your brain processes happiness”


How To Change The World


We must start acting like the change we want to see in the world. Set the example

Everything you need to know about Bourbon


Most my pals that know by now I’m a bourbon & whiskey guy.  (MAKER’S MARK PREFERABLY)   So I couldn’t help but post this little gem I found today. Educate yourself and bust out some random facts on your next happy hour outing! Never keep learning! Cheers. -Braun

Why I Don’t Live In Japan!


The Japanese are absolutely ruthless with their pranks. Glad we’re not that creative with our television programming.

The LEGO Story


Ask my parents, brothers, or childhood friends and they will tell you I was nuts about LEGO’s growing up! So when I found this video about the history of the company you can imagine my excitement. When I was a kid I was pretty sickly….like in and out of hospitals all the time sickly. So my parents would buy me lego’s to play with since I was often pretty limited to what I could do! Confession: I still can’t help but look at what LEGO’s are out when I go to stores that have them. I can’t wait to play with them with my kids…some day.

As a business owner and entrepreneur I can certainly relate to the ups and downs of the founding family that started this great company. Lego fan or not it’s definitely worth a watch! Great story of perseverance and business strategy!

Were you a fan of LEGO’s? Still are?

Olympic Photographers Tell How They Do It


The best sport’s photographers travel across the planet to one city every Olympic Games to photograph the best athletes. Chronicling our history with iconic photos of victories and loses, records broken and dreams shattered. During the games the human condition defies itself and inspires the rest of us. That is why we all tune in with fascination! The elite photographers show their plan in this fascinating video of how they do it. Amazing. Inspiring!

9:52 the gun fires and the 100 meter race is started

9:55 the Photos of the END of the race are around the world for everyone to see!!

Today’s technology blows me away!

We Are All Connected


While spending a month in the South African Wilderness earlier this year my mind was racing back to the civilization hustle and bustle I love so much. Observing animals and other creatures outside of a zoo or dog park is really something. And your mind really can’t help but see how closely we’re really related.  From mothers protecting their young at all cost, or correcting their young…to seeing how males interact with each other, you can’t help but think that there is a unique design to this all. This film does a beautiful job of visually interpreting that very idea. What a wonderful world!

We are all connected. Find out how:

What are your thoughts? Lemme know!

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