100cameras: Give Photography, Change A Community


Photographer or not, if you live in this day in age you know that photography can truly change the way people think, see, feel, or even dream. 100cameras is a new charity that spins the power of photography by empowering children by selling their photos they took with the charity’s cameras which all the proceeds go back to the child’s area or family. They explain it better like this:

How It Works.

  1. we give a camera to jackson.
  2. jackson snaps a photo.
  3. then you buy his photo.
  4. 100% goes back to jackson.
  5. and jackson is empowered.

“The concept is simple. 100cameras staff members travel to countries armed with cameras. They partner with a local organization serving children in the community. For the next few weeks, they teach the children how to take photographs. Then they set those children free to capture their world and post the photos online.

For the kids, sharing their life with the rest of the world is a reward in itself, but 100cameras goes one step further. The photographs are available for sale, and 100% of the profits go back to the children’s organizations….

100cameras raised $17,000 for the Sudanese orphanage. It was used for critical maintenance to get a truck running that brings in food and medicine. The money was also used to build a fence that keeps them protected from violence of rebel forces in the region.

The staff says they are overjoyed by the fact that these kids are creating their own success. Bullock says, “It’s really exciting for kids there to see these changes and to feel an ownership in that.”

How 100cameras was founded!

This team started with a unique combination of friends with different skill sets who shared a common vision.  Through their own travel and life experiences, they have become aware of the world that exists outside their own perspective – that no matter the cultural circumstances, all humans have the right to live among justice, to live days that have food, water, shelter and sustainable health and education programs. So they decided to pool their time, talents, and resources together to create outlets for positive change in the world through the voice of photography.

I have a huge heart for the Creative Entrepreneur that goes after their dream…but an even bigger one that if that dreams enrich the lives of others in need. I’d love to see this organization take flight! Wouldn’t you?? We know how to help them!


Much Love


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