Gone Too Soon. Steve Jobs

 Steve Jobs

I never knew Steve Jobs but ever since I started working on Macs something like 5 years ago he has always remained on my list of people I would love to have spent time with. So surreal to think that he is gone. A man. A titan. The DaVinci of our time.

Mac. Ipod. Iphone. Itunes. Pixar and the hundreds of other innovations he made possible are ALL genius level ideas Jobs believed in and made happen that changed our world. His products have not only changed a culture but virtually created one.

Uncompromising to what he believed in, a legacy far beyond what the world needs of a man. R.I.P. Steve Jobs. I can’t recommend watching this message he gave at a graduation. Amazing wisdom from an amazing man:

 Steve Jobs
 Steve Jobs

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  • Yea … He would have been a cool guy to talk with.

    It is a wonder a “Collage” would “include” a “Collage drop-out” to do a commencement speech … Thus the POWER (Greed) of MONEY. (Not speaking of Steve of course … His speech shows his humility … it is “the Bookers … of this Collage” I hear (in the back of my mind) saying … STEVE JOBS IS GOING TO DO THE COMMENCEMENT SPEACH THIS YEAR! Then I hear, one of the tenured professor (realizing the “Confusion” this could create among students … and admissions) & opens his/her mouth to voice their concerns. But … is quickly given the answer … “WHO CARES … It’s STEVE JOBS!” If this Collage had a “Film” Degree would they ask “Roman Polanski” to speak?

    Don’t get me wrong … It was a GREAT SPEECH for people like me & my son, who hasn’t even finished High School … My Father the same thing and owned 2 homes and all the trimmings …

    As Steve was implying … “HARD WORK”, Love, perseverance is all one needs … (Money does help, but The Government based N.E.S. (National Educational System) is the one’s who hold back people … Think of this … These students heard a Guy who said “Collage” (The unnecessary classes) parents are forced to pay for … aren’t what helped him … IDK It wasn’t “Change” The Made Steve Jobs but “BASICS” That MADE Steve … Good old fashion WORK

    Giving people “Things” is good but only when they earn it …

    Tim Hawkins – The Government Can


    Anyway … Very good speech

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