So it’s 1:30am and I know I won’t be able to sleep for another 2 hours. Why you ask? Because I just got out of Senna, the film about the F1 Legend, Ayrton Senna. Fantastic film. I loved it. The man that was ferocious on the track but cared deeply about his country and fellow drivers. Can’t recommend it more.

Found this tribute to Senna from Top Gear. Some cool stuff that’s not in the film: like the low down on how crazy powerful the cars (80’s) were with no power steering and complete manual transmission. THINK ABOUT THAT! You are driving 200+ mph through the streets of Monaco (which is about as wide as a restaurant valet line….and you have to take your hand off the wheel to shift!

Ok, honestly I had never really known that much about him. I grew up hearing the names of Schumacher and Andretti. But this guy blew me away. He was fast and tough…absolutely. But what impressed me the most about him was that he won 3 World Championships and remained extremely humble. Was a devout Christian that gave God glory for his success, aid, and wins…publicly. Most of the real guys that know f1 racing, including F1 drivers consider him the greatest driver ever.

The man started a foundation in Brazil that has put millions of children through school. He was famous for STOPPING HIS CAR ON THE TRACK DURING A RACE to get out and help a crashed driver. He cared. He truly gave a damn. His fellow drivers I’m sure loved and hated him. He was extremely competitive but remained a legit man. A lion really.

We should all strive to have such determination to achieve what is possible in our gifts, but also not forgetting to help others.

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