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As I said in my previous post I have a huge heart for the Creative Entrepreneur that goes after their dream…but an even bigger one that if that dreams enrich the lives of others in need. Nature, our world, is so important. The even idea that the state would shut down parks is atrocious. This great film is about the people that still care enough to say something to the govt. I hope they make a change.

When we heard the news that California intended to close a quarter of its state parks to save $22 million a year something seemed off. Compared to bank bailouts, military spending, and wall street bonuses this was a laughably insignificant amount. Still, for the financially starved state park system, it would have devastating results. Parks have been underfunded in California for decades. They were already cut to the bone and losing this last small amount would spread them too thin to keep operating all 278 parks. The only solution was closing 70 of them down.

Before the closures, Lauren and I were constantly getting out of San Francisco and into the parks. We’d spent many weekends exploring the many incredible wilderness areas the state has to offer. That was our only vested interest in the project. We wanted to save the places we loved.

-Jarratt Moody


What do you think?  When I hear of school’s cutting all the music and art programs it drives me nuts. This is the same idea in my mind. To quote a line from Mr. Holland’s Opus “IF YOU CUT THESE PROGRAMS WHAT DO THEY HAVE LEFT TO WRITE!?” Can you imagine trying to take your young children to a state park only to find it’s closed for a season?? NO. It’s not a waterpark or state fair. “This Land Is Your Land, This Land is My Land”   and I’m pretty sure These Presidents would kick some ass if this became a reality.

What are your thoughts?


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  • Itsjared says:

    The people of California cant have everything. I agree that the parks should stay open. In fact I think they need even more money. Much of my childhood was spent in National and state parks. And it was a good childhood. But for the people of California to expect the social services they do, theyve got to get the money from somewhere.

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