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Ask my parents, brothers, or childhood friends and they will tell you I was nuts about LEGO’s growing up! So when I found this video about the history of the company you can imagine my excitement. When I was a kid I was pretty sickly….like in and out of hospitals all the time sickly. So my parents would buy me lego’s to play with since I was often pretty limited to what I could do! Confession: I still can’t help but look at what LEGO’s are out when I go to stores that have them. I can’t wait to play with them with my kids…some day.

As a business owner and entrepreneur I can certainly relate to the ups and downs of the founding family that started this great company. Lego fan or not it’s definitely worth a watch! Great story of perseverance and business strategy!

Were you a fan of LEGO’s? Still are?

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  • anadara braun-good says:

    your SISTER found this inspiring, thank you for sharing.
    perfect story about making lemonade from lemons…at least twice!
    we get LEGOs as gifts for younger family members every birthday and Christmas so they can build their collections over time.

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